The Sound You Surrender To

Harman Kardon is dedicated to using the emotional power of quality audio to create transfixing experiences where everything else just melts away. By delivering sound experiences that are all-absorbing and evocative, Harman Kardon centers listeners’ attention on the present moment. This leaves them radiant and more alive than ever – the feeling that comes with surrendering themselves to a moment in time. Harman Kardon is creating captivating sound experiences that grounds listeners in the present so they can experience the richness of life.

Harman Kardon: Beautiful Design

The brand tagline speaks to the the beauty of Harman Kardon’s sound and physical design that draws listeners in, and invites them to surrender to the moment. It is this beauty that captivates the senses and holds listeners transfixed in the present so they can experience life more richly.

Harman Kardon Philippines

Harman Kardon is now a partner of LazMall, one of the leading shopping sites in the country. The consumers now have the convenience of finding premium, refined and sophisticated experiences through the products of this brand. This online store provides consumers with the best price possible and great deals that are seasonally offered on LazMall. A consumer can now shop for a Harman Kardon product anytime from the comfort of their homes.